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The Matatiele artisanal charcoal accelerator programme​

Lima Rural Development Foundation in partnership with Avocado Vision are funded, for a period of three years, by The Lewis Foundation to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs who are part of the Green Artisanal Charcoal Incubation Programme which is implemented in Matatiele (Eastern Cape).


The programme aims to promote the continued establishment of a new value chain in one of the most socially disadvantaged, economically margined, and environmentally degraded rural areas in South Africa. The funding will support eight (8) existing successful SMMEs with a high employment ratio (providing employment for up to 6 people per business). This will support the sustainability of a biomass-driven, value-added charcoal economy that clears areas invaded by wattle, creates export-quality charcoal and drives biodiversity restoration, water security and landscape rehabilitation.


This programme is built on solid foundation of years of successful and active partnerships between many local partners. Within this 3-year Lewis Foundation funding period; committed, well producing small businesses will receive capital, coaching and mentorship to accelerate their growth – focusing on accelerated clearing activity in year 1, increased charcoal production in year 2 and 3, all with the support of localised extension support that is responsible for the monitoring of compliance with the FSC and local authorities.


Since the start of the programme in March 2023, some of the programme achievements are an increase of 87% of sold charcoal and the success in securing funding from the Social Employment Fund (SEF) to assist charcoal producers supplement salaries of 150 employees – which has had significant impact in issues of capital and salary payments.

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