Birds and Renewable Energy

Birds and Renewable Energy

Birds and Wind Energy Mitigation Project

Driven by an electricity crisis and the need to transition to cleaner energy sources, South Africa has become a leader in the development of renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa and, with excellent wind and solar potential available, the pace of development is only expected to accelerate. While the transition to clean energy is to be welcomed in the context of climate change, developments can present an unintended but potentially significant threat to biodiversity with poorly sited wind turbines presenting a particular collision threat to birds and bats.

Over the last decade, BirdLife South Africa has established itself as the “go to” place for evidence-based advice on birds and renewable energy in South Africa. BirdLife SA has provided crucial support to both government and the renewables industry in the development of best practice guidance for the avifaunal surveys required as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process. In addition, BirdLife SA is working constructively with the renewable developers to identify effective mitigation measures that can reduce negative operational impacts on at-risk species.

With the support of the Lewis Foundation, the Birds and Renewable Energy Mitigation Project will build on the achievements to date to strengthen data-gathering and research, publish practical best practice guidance to assist in the planning, design and operations of new facilities, promote collaboration across the renewables industry and empower people from local communities to participate in and benefit from wildlife friendly renewable energy development.

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