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IPASA: Supporting and Strengthening Funder Responses to the Climate Crisis

Over the past two years, IPASA, with support from The Lewis Foundation and partners, has made significant strides in supporting philanthropy in its efforts to address the impact of the climate crisis on the country. This initiative has evolved organically, responding to the global climate agenda and the diverse needs of IPASA members. The Lewis Foundation has played a pivotal role not only in providing financial support but also in offering thought leadership and operational guidance.


The IPASA 2023/2024 Joint Climate Funder initiative aims to: strengthen IPASA’s role as a climate philanthropy knowledge hub; provide support to members in responding to climate change and promote IPASA as an ambassador for the philanthropy for climate initiative in South Africa. Key activities of the initiative include disseminating the 2022 Climate Change Case Studies, developing the 2023 member climate change case studies; updating the climate crisis toolkit for funders, providing climate response consultations to members, and hosting climate philanthropy workshops for our members and the broader philanthropy sector in South Africa.


The sustainability of the project is underpinned by a three-year journey of increasing interest, recent global developments, and a growing network of funding partners, including the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. IPASA has expanded its connections through collaborations with the Centre for African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI) and is actively engaged in the WINGS’s global climate initiatives. The project has gained momentum and recognition, positioning IPASA as a thought leader in climate philanthropy.



Links to project/organisational websites, and electronic project products:      

  • The Climate Crisis A Toolkit and Resource Pack for Funders in South Africa Why, How, and the Role of Philanthropy. Download here
  • Climate Change Initiative Case Study. Download here
  • Summary: IPASA 2022 Climate Change Case Studies Presentation. Download here
  • Presentation: IPASA 2023 Climate Change Initiative Climate Change Engagement Workshop 1. Download here

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